Vacancy Details

5680 - Primary Homeroom Teacher

Location: UAE - Abu Dhabi
Closing Date 04-Feb-2020
About the Role

Aim: To inspire your students with a love for learning, ensuring no child is left behind and that everyone is encouraged and stretched to achieve the very best they can achieve.


GEMS manifesto: To never forget that what you do is incredible; you touch hearts, you ignite minds, you open eyes. You encourage laughter and joy and every day the world is a little better because of you. You ensure no child is left behind or held back from their potential. You ensure that your students will never find a challenge too daunting and no opportunity will be missed to help develop them for their future, which is to be the future.



  • To deliver lessons which are good or better according to the ADEC criteria.
  • To set priorities and targets for improving your teaching and learning practices.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching and learning and seek support and guidance where appropriate.
  • To contribute to the sharing of good practice, peer observations and the cascading of INSET amongst the team.
  • To construct high quality learning objectives and share them with students.
  • To plan differentiated lessons to meet the needs of all students.
  • To use a wide range of AfL techniques to monitor the progress of groups of students and adapt your teaching and learning as appropriate.
  • To plan and deliver lessons that motivate and engage students, ensuring no learning time is wasted and offer high levels of challenge for all (it is never appropriate for students to have ‘free’ lessons).
  • To use teaching methods which stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity, include clear presentation and excellent resources and incorporate effective questioning techniques.
  • To use media and technology to enhance your teaching.
  • To set homework in accordance with the homework schedule.
  • To plan for effective use of the TA to support the learning of the students.
  • To create stimulating displays, including marked student’s work, in designated areas.
  • To liaise with the SENCO and G&T Coordinator regarding the academic needs of your students.
  • To liaise with the SENCO to monitor and track progress of students in line with their IEPs.
  • To upload relevant planning, homework and support materials for classes on My Learning.
  • To notify your line manager and the cover supervisor before 7am if you will be absent from work and provide appropriate cover work. 
About Your Benefits
  • To have a detailed knowledge of the relevant aspects of the National Curriculum for England and associated examination board syllabi (if relevant).
  • To have a secure knowledge and understanding of your specialist subject(s).
  • To understand progression in your specialist subject(s), including before your specialist age range.
  • To coordinate with the relevant subject leaders to ensure that the curriculum is delivered to the SoW.
  • To contribute to the development of long term, medium term and short term plans.
  • To contribute to the development of curriculum booklets for the phase.
  • To deliver aspects of project based learning and cross-curricular learning.
  • To deliver aspects of the GEMS core values and SCF to help deliver a program that fulfils the UAE national agenda.
  • To enhance the learning of students through activities beyond the classroom (projects, clubs, field trips and after school enrichment programs).



  • To regularly analyse data about students’ prior learning, their attainment and progress and adjust your teaching and learning accordingly.
  • To implement rigorous assessment systems for all your classes.
  • To undertake detailed analysis of your assessment data.
  • To ensure strategies are in place to maximise achievement and address underachievement of students in your classes.
  • To celebrate student achievements.
  • To complete all reports accurately and on time.
  • To follow the school marking policy.


    Progress and attainment

  • Ensure at least 85% of students make expected progress
  • Ensure at least 50% of students make more than expected progress
  • Ensure at least 75% achieve stanine 5+ in progress tests
  • Ensure at least 50% achieve stanine 6+ in progress tests


    Behaviour for Learning

  • To ensure pupil’s behaviour and conduct in your classes creates a positive climate for learning where all students can achieve high levels of attainment and progress.
  • To constantly develop and enhance your behaviour management strategies.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of your behaviour management strategies and seek support and guidance where appropriate.
  • To set high expectations for students' behaviour and follow the school behaviour policy.
  • To record students’ attendance every lesson and follow up in line with school policy.
  • To celebrate student successes.
  • To ensure the whole school rewards system is consistently implemented across your classes.


    Pastoral Care

  • To provide outstanding levels of pastoral care for your form class.
  • To help create a school environment where every pupil can thrive and flourish.
  • To be the students’ champion – such that you are the first port of call for all students in your form.
  • To deliver the morning and afternoon form time programs effectively.


    Parent Engagement and Communication

  • To contribute to the school marketing and communication activities, e.g. the collection of material for the newsletter, press releases and school website.
  • To be responsible for disseminating relevant information to parents.
  • To engage parents to strengthen home-school communication.
  • To meet with and support parents when appropriate and maintain a record of these meetings.
  • To respond professionally to all parent queries within 48 hours.
  • To uphold the school’s ethos and values when communicating with pupils and parents.
  • To be courteous and provide a welcoming environment to visitors and telephone callers.


    Team Development

  • To promote teamwork and maintain effective working relations, including a willingness to share ideas, resources and lesson plans.
  • To undertake performance management reviews and act on the areas for development identified.
  • To ensure new staff receive a positive induction process and help to familiarise them with the school’s systems and policies.


    Other Duties

  • To play a full part in the life of the school community, to support its aims, ethos and policies and encourage staff and pupils to follow your example.
  • To demonstrates high professional standards in all aspects of your work, including adhering to the school’s dress code policy.
  • To attend and assist in the planning of school events and functions (eg inter-house competitions, concerts, parent information sessions, prize days etc).
  • To be a positive role model.
  • To attend at least one PD session after school each week.
  • To provide at least one after school extra- curricular activity per week.
  • To arrive in school by 7:50am and be on time for all lessons (including cover) and designated duties during the school day and at dispersal time.
  • To consistently implement all school policies and procedures.


Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities of the post, each individual task to be undertaken has not be identified.


Employees will be expected to comply with any reasonable request from a line manager to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in this job description.


This job description is current at the date shown, but, in consultation with you, may be changed by the Principal to reflect or anticipate changes in the job commensurate with the grade and job title.


About GEMS

Trusted for over 55 years and now a third generation education family, GEMS Education began in a single school room in Dubai. Today, we have the privilege of educating over 190,000 students from over 176 countries through GEMS owned and managed schools globally; over 270,000 students access resources through our services division; and we will impact 20 million by 2020 students through the initiatives of our Charity partner Varkey Foundation.

About the School
Founded in 1988, the Cambridge High School – Abu Dhabi, is an established and high achieving international school that offers an exceptional standard of education based on the British National Curriculum. Located in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, the Cambridge School offers a safe, nurturing and rewarding environment for young learners aged 4-18, from FS2 all the way up to year 13. With a high standard of educational, recreational and specialist facilities, the Cambridge High School offers unrivalled teaching, learning and extra-curricular opportunities to children from all around the world.
About Application Process
If you meet the criteria and you are enthusiastic about the role, we would welcome your application. To complete the application you would need the following document(s):
1. Resume/CV
2. Passport-size photograph
3. CV
Important Note : GEMS Education is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of its students. Applicants will be required to submit a current police criminal clearance check or equivalent from their home country or current country of residence prior to appointment.