Vacancy Details

6512 - Manager School Operations - MTS

Location: UAE - Dubai
Closing Date 16-Oct-2021
About the Role

• To be responsible for development, maintenance, safety, security and cleanliness of the School building and grounds, ensuring that the site and facilities are available for School use and other users at all times.

• To be responsible for the organisation and delivery of administration and support services across the School ensuring efficient and effective staff deployment and, with the Principal/CEO, recruitment of well-trained and high quality staff.
• To provide advice and strategic guidance to the Principal/CEO, Senior Leadership and Corporate Office on business, financial and operational matters and be accountable for their effectiveness using robust performance management systems.
• To ensure that all staff are supported with high quality continuous professional development and training which contributes to the development and achievements of the School.
• To support the Principal/CEO in achieving the key strategic objectives for the School through formulating and leading on specific aspects of the School business and/or improvement plan.
• To actively encourage, and lead on environmental sustainability targets across the School site.
• The post holder will be fully responsible to effectively manage all non-education related activities within school business operations.
• The incumbent will continuously strive to exceed internal & external customer expectations, capitalizing the economic profit and return on capital investment, while embracing the GEMS Core Values.
• To embody the values, vision and ethos of GEMS Education and assist the Principal/CEO in delivering policy which will ensure high quality and successful outcomes.


  • To ensure the security and efficient operation of the School site, buildings and grounds at all times, in accordance with current Health & Safety guidance.
  • To ensure all repairs and maintenance at the School, including the inspection of required repairs and, where necessary, the appointment of external service providers in line with the Corporate Estates team.
  • Monitor the performance of external contracts to ensure high standards of service and value for money are maintained throughout the School at all times.
  • To devise, plan and deliver the business strategy for the School, including the development of policies, systems, processes and safeguarding.
  • To manage the relevant budgets and expenditure, reducing operational costs but ensuring the School receives value for money at all times
  • To ensure the School complies with current Health & Safety legislation and/or guidelines as issued by GEMS Corporate Office advising the School Leadership team accordingly.
  • Direct and develop the performance and working hours of the administration and support service teams to ensure high standards of service are maintained throughout the School and that all teams provide a friendly, efficient but effective disciplined service
  • Be contactable outside normal School hours, and where required attend site inline with the GEMS Critical Incident Response Protocols.
  • Relationship / Stakeholder management
  • Embrace and encourage the ethos and standards of excellence as defined in the GEMS Core Values.
  • Develop and implement processes to self-regulate within a GEMS school the adherence to international & national laws, ethics, cultural sensitivities and norms. Embracing responsibility for the impact of all activities within the marketplace (external customers), workplace (internal customers) and community (environment).
  • Ensure the school makes the best possible use of resources through effective planning, management and prudent financial considerations.
  • Understand the effects and implications of government policies, legislation and directives, developing effective strategies for current initiatives and long-term educational trends and developments.
  • Manage and oversee efficient operations of school administrative functions.

Health, Safety & Environment

  •  Complete knowledge of local Government health and safety regulations, particularly issues specific to the school and how they relate to students, staff, visitors, contractors and other users of school premises and facilities.
  • Ensure effective health and safety risk management within the school, as well as closely monitoring compliance of third-party service contractors.
  • Be aware of the importance of a disaster recovery plan and its place within the management procedures of the school.
  • Implementing risk assessment and loss-prevention strategies.
  • Manage all aspects of school business management in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner.
  • Formulate, monitor and implement the school’s safety policy to comply with the requirements of Health and Safety guidelines, and other local legislation.
  • Act as the school’s health and safety coordinator and GEMS Incident Commander.
  • Oversee the management the security of the school site.
  • To ensure the site, buildings and grounds meet health and safety requirements in line with current legislation at all times and reporting any trends or weaknesses to the Principal/Corporate Safety team.
  • To ensure all records are kept in line with legislation of the servicing of fire fighting equipment, regional, emergency lighting and servicing of fixed safety systems and identifying faulty items
  • To ensure fire warning systems are maintained in line with current legislation and that regular fire evacuation procedures are undertaken with all users of the School site
  • Ensure relevant training is provided to all staff and training records kept
  • Implement and develop first aid provision across the academy ensuring cover is available at all operational times and that users receive a fast, quality treatment
  • To promote and monitor a safe working environment to the school and provide regular reports to the Principal identifying weaknesses or improvements to provision.
  • School Operations (including commercial affairs)
  • Apply incremental or radical change by revolutionizing business processes, product offerings or services resulting into self-sustaining increased value at reduced operational cost; therefore retaining existing customers, attracting current non-customers, and ultimately stimulating profit.
  • Use financial management information, especially benchmarking tools, to identify areas of relative spending, access trends and directly advise School leadership accordingly.
  • Manage all procedures and resolve any problems, including:
  • Ordering, processing and payment for all goods and services provided to the school
  • Asset register management
  • Management of Third-Party contract services (KPI monitoring)
  • In collaboration with Principal/CEO and Accounts Officer, direct annual budgeting and planning process for the organization's annual budget.
  • Monitor, track and manage individual department budget spend.
  • Prepare monthly variance analysis of administrative expenses, actuals vs budget and reforecast
  • Ensure Delegation of Authority processes and procedures are followed at all times.
  • Follow and collaborate with Accounting Department requests in preparation of annual audit.

Facilities Management

  • Manage facilities maintenance of the school site and buildings. Where this services is subcontracted to a Third-Party provider, manage and oversee preventative maintenance schedules and the efficient operation of all facilities on the property.
  • Oversee School campus lighting, heating, ventilation, water provision, energy conservation, waste management, etc.
  • Manage the upkeep of playing fields, gardens, all-weather surfaces, tennis courts and land drainage.
  • Purchase, repair and maintain all furniture and fittings, both within the school and within staff accommodation units.
  • Be responsible for the procurement of overseas hired staff accommodation leases and negotiate lease rates according to local property regulations.
  • Manage the use of school facilities in provision of Third-Party services to include:
  • Catering & Refreshments
  • School transport, and drivers
  • School shop (books/uniforms, if applicable)
  • Bookings for school facilities
  • Provision of facilities for after-school activities
  • Directing and planning essential central services such as security, maintenance, health & safety, cleaning, waste disposal and recycling.
  • Checking that agreed work by staff or contractors has been completed satisfactorily and following up on any deficiencies to the initial scope of works.
  • To be responsible for utilisation of space and resources for buildings, or re-organising current premises.
  • To ensure daily monitoring of the BMS and BMS alert systems (where installed) are carried out amongst the site services teams and that all building services operate smoothly implementing a programmed maintenance schedule using competent persons in line with current legislation.
  • Ensuring daily checks of the site are carried out by the site services team for vandalism, items requiring building maintenance, security of the site and ensuring cleaning standards are acceptable.
  • Implement a planned programme to ensure School site is litter/gum free as far as reasonably practicable and that all internal and external areas are kept clean and tidy and policy is adhered too.
  • To ensure that security systems and provision is in place at all times and identify trends or weaknesses within the site systems and develop with GEMS Corporate Safety team where appropriate.
  • To ensure the CCTV system complies with the data protection act and relevant current legislation.
  • To promote and ensure safe parking procedures on site ensuring these are adhered too.
  • To promote community use of the facilities as a desirable venue for conferences, meeting and community activities offering a clean, safe and inspiring venue at all times.

    People responsibilities

    • Be responsible for general personnel matters, including employment clearance for new staff (medical checks, child protection) and issuing contracts of employment to non-Academic staff.
    • Maintain confidential staff records for all Administrative staff via HR teams.
    • Provide leadership and guidance for support staff, including direct line management responsibility where appropriate.
    • Manage the recruitment, professional development, appraisal and training of all Admin and Support staff.
    • Plan, arrange and report on staff development aspects for all support staff to identify talent.
    • Ensure comprehensive knowledge of local Government Labour laws and required compliance.


    • To write, review and amend relevant policies for approval by the Principal.
    • Ensure that schools are fully compliant with local Government authority regulations to safeguard against fines of any nature as a result of non-renewal of contracts at school level
    • To carry out any other reasonable duties as directed by the Governors or Principal.



    Internal: Employees of the school, (prospective) students & parents / guardians, and GEMS corporate offices.

    External: Third party contractors and service providers, and federal & local governmental agencies / authorities.



    Number of Staff Supervised/Direct Reports:      

    School Administration Staff, School Support Staff, external contracted services lead (who is third party provider staff, list designations of direct reports)

    Total Team Size:          

    Varies from 50 to 250 depending on school size (school specific)


    About Your Benefits

    ​All positions attract an excellent remuneration package including:
    Competitive tax-free salary,Tuition Fee concessions, private medical insurance, annual airfares to country of residence and end of Service Gratuity.

    About GEMS

    Trusted for over 60 years and now a third generation education family, GEMS Education began in a single school room in Dubai. Today, we have the privilege of educating over 170,000 students from over 176 countries through GEMS owned and managed schools globally; over 270,000 students access resources through our services division.

    About the School

    GEMS Metropole School, located in Motor City in Dubai, opened its doors in September 2014 and has continued to flourish and grow in student number and stature. The school is now open to students from FS1 to Year 13 with an all-through school capacity of 4200 students offering the National Curriculum for England.

    The school has become well-known for their key areas of success, such as a strong community approach to education, highly inclusive school support to strong secondary options at Key Stage 4 and academic and vocational choices at Key Stage 5. In addition, the school has well-equipped classrooms, a highly competitive sports department, a farm, digital media rooms, innovation laboratories, dedicated science labs, music, art rooms and libraries.

    Most recently the school has completely overhauled its digital strategy to lay the foundations to further its position as a leader in associated technologies in the region, focusing on the use of technology to a. enhance the learning experience of our students through experiential learning through the use of AR and AI technology b. improve feedback and communication between the student/teacher and teacher/parent and c. help reduce staff time and workload, helping to improve teacher wellbeing and reduce burnout.

    Students from our Foundation Stage classes have access to attractive indoor and outdoor learning areas to explore and investigate, high quality Information Technology provision and Science provision to develop IT and Science-based literacy, and most recently a language hub to support key language skills across school.

    In the Primary section, with the use of 1:1 technologies, students and teachers use iPads and interactive whiteboards to enhance learning opportunities where appropriate. The Secondary school continues to develop and grow and has seen the LEAD and skills programme blossom supporting students to make informed decisions and develop their learning and leadership skills. A new focus of personalised pathways is supporting students in their preparation for life after school and their journey towards success. In conclusion, GEMS Metropole School is a member of the British Schools of the Middle East (BSME) with the School Principal as a BSME Country Rep. This allows both teachers and students alike to continue to grow and develop with the rich traditions of the National Curriculum offerings and align itself with ‘like schools’ across the region and overseas.


    About Application Process

    If you meet the criteria and you are enthusiastic about the role, we would welcome your application.

    To complete the application you would need the following document(s):

    1. Resume/CV
    2. Passport-size photograph

    In line with the UAE's Emiratisation goals, GEMS welcomes and encourages applications from UAE nationals to join our fast-growing team.

    Important Note : GEMS Education is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of its students. Applicants will be required to submit a current police criminal clearance check or equivalent from their home country or current country of residence prior to appointment.