About the School

GEMS Our Own Indian School has earned an enviable reputation for high academic standards and a strong sense of community that pervades every aspect of school life. The standards of excellence also extend to the extra-curricular programmes that the school offers, ranging from sports, creative and performing arts to public speaking and scientific programmes. Winners of several competitions and awards, with distinctions and achievements in these areas, have been formally recognized. An eco-friendly school with a strong commitment to environmental education, the school offers diverse avenues for students to blossom into responsible citizens of the future. Students are offered a wide-ranging curriculum with excellent educational standards meeting all requirements of the CBSE syllabus. Significant emphasis is placed on the development of strong relationships and shared educational experiences between teachers and students. Students benefit from individualized attention and learning opportunities that are further broadened through a strong focus on real and in-depth learning. All these exemplary features have become hallmarks of the learning environment and education at GEMS Our Own Indian School.


Jobs at School